The T-6  show starts with a snaproll on takeoff. Unbelievable, even to those who have seen it many times.  13 minutes in length.

::Description ::

Snaproll on take off, hammerhead, continuous rolls, climb-to 2200’ // Music on with smoke// vertical roll up ½1/2 down, vertical eight, tail slide, snap on top of loop, rolling Cuban, hammerhead, very slow roll, humpty bump, barrel roll, 2 clover leaves, tight360, 32 point roll, ratchet wrench roll. Optional with time--climb  to 2000 feet. gliding loop & 8 point roll to, gliding landing. 

Yak Dual

The Yak dual show performed with Buds son, Ross, gets everyone's attention. The common comments are: "unbelievable" or, "we may not watch everyone, but we always watch you guys".  12-15 minutes in length.

::Description ::

Opposing takeoff-rolls. Yak-55 solo: Budouchski tumbles, captop turn, flips, bunt to continuous rolls. Formation: loop and Cuban join up to, synchronized hammerheads, 3 rolls around each other, formation loop, roll, & Cuban  (Ross leading), lead change during Cuban, loop and roll to Cuban push (Bud leading) inside outside roll, inside outside loop. Yak-18-solo: vertical roll, vertical 8,  1.5 snap/split S, horizontal 8 tight turn. Yak-55 solo: vertical rolls to torquski, lumps, tumbles or cartwheels to join up for the  “Golden Hawk"roll to formation photo pass, quick formation reverse to landing sequence. Yak-18: knife edge, and tail wag to formation landing or crazy pass.  Yak-55 tight turn to  180 degree flopping Borscht, slow rolling pass at 50 knots, inverted hover, knife edge and inverted tail wag to land or crazy pass.  


The Yak-55 solo show is a non stop, tumbling and dynamic. 8 minutes in length.

::Description ::

Takeoff into 8 point roll, Budouchski tumbles, captop turn,  tumble or two, bunt to continuous rolls, push-pull turn around, sideways slide to hover, RR turn around, ratchet wrench roll, rolling Cuban to triple Budster, flip top turn around , vertical torqueski,  lumps, tumbles, and cartwheels, 8 sided loop(1/2 Roll each side), tight turn, flopping Borscht, slow rolling at 50 knots, inverted hover, knife edge & inverted tail wag to land.

Fouga Jet

The Fouga Jet show is a close in, dynamic aerobatic show. A ballet that leave the spectators with a sense of awe.  13 minutes in length.

::Description ::

Take off-& turn around, continuous rolls (200knots) turn around, 4 point & 8 point roll (240 knots), vertical roll up 1/2 down (300 knots), vertical eight to tail sliderolling Cuban, to 2 clover leaves, tight figure 8 turn, 32 point roll, ratchet wrench roll, photo pass to landing break .


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