20th - Paine Field Days Spitfire, Ross in P-47 Flying Heritage Collection

Here are some videos of last year (2016)

Yak hat video at Chino-Corsir

Yaks Chino from Ground 

 Paine Field Aviation Days Corsair


Arctic Aviation Tour- 150th Canada birthday.. 

1st to 15th for me. Ft Liard up the McKenzie then Last at Ft. Simpson


18-  Olympia Airshow.  Olympic Flight Museum


7 -8- Arlington  FHC Me in Hurricane and Ross- P-47

19- Grand Forks BC. T-6

22- Boundary Bay, BC. Yaks, T-6  Boundary Bay Airshow

29-01- Quesnel, BC


Chilliwack and Quesnel both canceled

 26- Bf-109-me, Ross in P-47

Bf109 and Mosquito  on youtube   https://youtu.be/XcmShZDx6z4

  Flying Heritage Collection  


 2nd- Paine Vintage Aircraft Weekend-- http://historicflight.org/hf/

Bud in Zero, Ross P-40   


11- Vancouver, BC Canadian Legion fly pasts  T-6's  Royal Canadian Legion