Kenny James (2014-01-18, 20:00)

I'm very proud to list Bud, Ross and Shari as my friends. This is a wonderful group of people and has given me some of the best memories. The most outstanding memory is the aerobatic flight with Ross in the Yak-18! I still wish my camera battery hadn't died during the flight. I've been "allowed" to clean these planes and provide crew services for several airshows. Thanks for the great times and keep flying safe!

Anna Serbinenko ( 2013-12-27, 04:20)

I've been inspired by Bud's flying for years as a spectator of airshows. But when my dream came true and had a chance to fly "up there" myself, I've got a tremendous privilege to be coached by Bud. He is not just an amazing pilot, he's a great Teacher, who so generously shares his skill and wisdom with us, fresh pilots... It's so much more than just stick and rudder. And yes, I am always glued to that breathtaking Bud's and Ross's takeoff for their yak duo act!

Jason Fortenbacher (2013-12-15, 07:59)

My mere interest in aviation became an absolute obsession at my very first air show when the first thing I saw was you snap rolling that Harvard on takeoff. You're an incredible pilot and an amazing person.

Chris ( 2013-12-11, 19:00)

All I can say is WOW, what a great display at Skagit Flight Fest! Extremely entertaining, the T6 display was incredible. Looking forward to seeing you guys fly these routines again, roll on the display season.